Midgets, murder and mayhem...

...are only the beginning of Yancy Dunkle’s troubles while he chauffeurs Jean during the Indio Date Festival. Yancy will need more than just amateur sleuthing skills if he’s to find missing jewels, missing people and missing memories. Maybe he should just leave this one to the pros.

A young girl with the carnival hasn’t been seen since they arrived. Townspeople simply vanish. And when the famous Star of Arabia necklace is stolen right out from under Yancy’s nose, he has no choice but to step in. Chased by thieves and murderers through camel races, a rodeo, the beauty pageant, a carnival and the Arabian Nights musical, Yancy confronts unexpected danger – a danger within. 

But when the gypsy fortune teller parts the mist into Yancy’s past, what will she find? And does he want to know?

“…Yancy very much wanted to withdraw his hand but her grip was like a vice. Unlike the earlier readings which had seemed nothing more than parlor tricks, it appeared the fortune teller did indeed have gifts that allowed her to see into his private world – a world he struggled to keep hidden at all costs. His heartbeat stuttered, then sped up….”