Old secrets, a Hollywood legend and murder....

It’s 1960 and the Jet Age is in full swing. Nora Bates, a former silent-film star known as "Lil' Screamer", is publishing her memoirs loaded with old Hollywood's dirty little secrets, unless someone freeze-frames her in a final silent scream.

Yancy Dunkle, a chauffeur for Nora's publisher, can hardly refuse when his boss requests he drive the actress to Palm Springs for the book launch. But he soon wishes he had. Even before the glitter of Tinseltown fades in the rearview, Nora's madcap, reclusive world crumbles. Nora is in hysterics, but friends dismiss her neurotic fears. Rallying to her side, they persuade Nora to proceed with her plans. But when two of her allies inexplicably collapse, Yancy is unsure if he's not becoming as paranoid as the movie star. Perhaps Nora's claim someone's trying to kill her isn't all that farfetched.

Yancy resolves to discover the truth as a kaleidoscope of intrigue and deceit swirls about him. Whispers and finger-pointing abound when Colossal Studios reunites for the gala. But when disaster strikes, no caption cards explain the villain's evil actions or motives.  Armed only with intuition and reckless disregard for his safety, Yancy pursues elusive clues while battling an unknown foe as the reel unwinds to the final melodramatic scene.

Silent Scream is the debut mystery of the series The Groovy Mystery Capers.